Spidertrap Tutorial

Our story begins…

beneath the bustling City. There lies the crumbling remnants of the Old Town; a subterranean labyrinth of twisting passageways and vast rooms known simply as The Ruins. Serving as both catacombs and vault, the dead lie side by side with the riches of the Kingdom.

It is into this underworld that the Grand Sorcerer fled, pursued by the High Council for his abuse of power and eldritch experiments.

In an act of desperation, he shattered the Amulet; an arcane relic from which he drew the greatest of his powers. Broken into six pieces, each was hidden in a separate chest within The Ruins, ensuring that if he were captured, none would wield its magic again.

To protect these fragments, he carved powerful runestones and used them to set deadly traps to thwart any pursuers. Worse yet, he defiled the ancient bones of the city's dead, raising them again in a terrible living death; destined to wander the twisting halls of their subterranean prison as unwitting guardians.

Following his escape, the entrance to The Ruins was sealed by the High Council, trapping the Sorcerer inside along with the Kingdom’s wealth, such was the price they were willing to pay to ensure his internment.

Since that time, whispers of a secret entrance have circulated the Taverns and alleyways of the City, drawing interest from those seeking adventure and the lure of coin. For those brave enough to venture into the depths to face whatever horrors lurk within, fortune - and perhaps more - awaits them in The Ruins...